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Are you looking for a holiday in complete freedom? CĂ  Franceschino, immersed in the quiet of an ancient township, is your ideal solution.

Here you will find wide green spaces, an uncontaminated nature and huge farms, signs of a rural tradition which create a breathtaking atmosphere.

This is a holiday of simple hospitality enriched by art, typical dishes, good wines and our proposals, and the contact with pets and wild animals such as roe deers, fallow deers, foxes and wolves.

CĂ  Franceschino lies in the municipality of Mercatello sul Metauro surrounded by the "Appennino Tosco-umbro-marchigiano" mountains in the district of Pesaro-Urbino, not far from Tuscany.

Mercatello sul Metauro has become relevant in 2002 after the assignment of the "orange flag", an official statement for its untouched environment and historical evidences, attracts every year a lot of tourists. In the month of July here takes place a traditional feast called "Palio del Somaro", with festivals and other events. During the other periods of the year the "San Francesco" museum, the innumerable churches and other monuments represent an attraction for tourists.

The Barn – Stable

In our building we welcome also horses, who can stay in their "boxes" and walk through the huge green spaces which surround us.

Natural Swimming Pools

Due to the characteristics of the place, CĂ  Franceschino has not got any swimming pool at the moment, anyway it is possible to visit the public swimming pools placed in the immediate nearby.
Alternatively, for those who love to refresh themselves in a totally natural way, it will be possible to swim in some of the numerous Natural Swimming Pools created by the two rivers: Metauro and Sant’Antonio, which mark the border of the municipal territory. It will be funny and delightful to refresh yourself underneath a cool waterfall or in the whirlpools the river creates along its route, while listening to the melody of the gurgling water. The Natural Swimming Pools grant you a cool relief and a golden suntan. Thanks to their peculiar characteristics, the Natural Swimming Pools fit perfectly to the requirements of children, families and young people who will find benefits and quietness, but also a chance for a great time. Among the Natural Swimming Pools we signal the easiest to reach:

La Casella: not very deep,  fits for children.

La Poderina: where also flows sulphurean water, ideal for skincare and other health benefits.

Il Molinaccio: where there’s a source which yields water fresh and clear.

L’Obbra: deep and huge, it fits for expert swimmers.

La Gorga dei Morti: which means "The whirlpool of the deaths" and is quite dangerous, fits for good divers.

Walking down the route which leads to these wonderful places it will be possible to admire the traditional "Carbonaie", where people get coal from timber cut down in the nearby woods with ancient and traditional methods.

It will also be possible to admire the source of the Metauro river from the conjunction of the Meta and Auro torrents.